Justin Manley

Software engineer and urbanist.

From time to time, I publish my thoughts at Out of the Yards, on Public Lab as a research note, or on my blog. Below are some of my recent writings:

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MapKnitter Annotations: Interface Refactoring
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MapKnitter Annotations: Leaflet.Illustrate.EditHandle and Leaflet.Illustrate.Pointer
MapKnitter Annotations: Textbox Rotation using CSS Transforms
MapKnitter Annotations Update: L.Illustrate.Textbox
MapKnitter Annotations Plugin: Preliminary Specification
Mapknitter Annotations using Fabric.js (GSOC 2014 Proposal)
Permanence and Program: Farewell to the American Folk Art Museum
Light Makes Wright: James Turrell at the Guggenheim
Studio Gang’s Diagonals Reshape Dorm Life
Patient-Centered Design in the Foreground at Vinoly’s New Hospital
How can we build safe urban parks?